'Train' to treat followers
like your combat career
depends on it

Take charge of your destiny and enable your audience to get invested in your journey.

Start growing & monetizing your fan base…



Create an account on Discord so we can set up your namesake channel on the Combat Sports Zone server.



Promote your CSZ channel membership levels available for purchase on Fundrazr.



Be religious about participating in the dialogue on your channel, and give members an exclusive experience.



Publicize future NFT drops and even crowdsource purses for upcoming fights fans favor watching.



Revenue share in every transaction, including Discord memberships, NFT smart contracts, and crowdsourcing.



Give the fans the events they want to watch – available free worldwide on WBC LIVE Channel x VIVE TV.

Rules of 'Engagement' // How to Win

Be Persistent

Don't be shy or apologetic about asking fans to join you on Discord for a nominal fee. Command respect and communicate the value of exclusive content over and over again.

Be Authentic

Give your members the full story – the good, bad, and the ugly. Answer questions and respond to comments honestly, but in a dignified manner.

Be Consistent

Give the fans the experience they expect. In fact, it would go a long way to under promise and over deliver so members will recruit more members to grow your community.

Server under construction: Coming Soon !!

Combat Sports Zone
NFT Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

CSZ is both a community (Discord server) of professional athletes and fight fans, as well as a Web 3 (blockchain-based) marketplace for fans to collect tokenized, exclusive experiences offered by fighters to support their careers.

A Discord server is a community meeting point for like-minded people. The Discord communication app gives users the opportunity to use it as a platform for exchanging ideas, news, or interests. You can create multiple voice and text channels in a single Discord server, invite friends and fans, and talk to your Discord friends using the voice and video chats.

As a CSZ Founding Fighter, you are expected to promote your channel on the CSZ Discord server at the very least. Persistent self-promotion on social media is recommended. Consistent engagement on your CSZ channel is important to keep membership morale up and momentum going.

Each CSZ Founding Fighter will earn a percentage of every transaction affiliated with her/his CSZ Discord channel, her/his NFT’s in the CSZ Marketplace, as well as any crowdsourced matches.

This endeavour shall be a collaboration amongst VIVE Network, Founding Fighters, and members of the Combat Sports Zone Discord server.

In some cases, VIVE Network will create NFT’s from fight footage*. In many cases, the creation requires the athlete’s participation (eg. Q&A’s and BTS content).

* Copyright must belong to VIVE Network.
VIVE Network is running a campaign on Fundrazr to generate funds to produce and stream free live boxing & MuayThai on WBC LIVE Channel.

CSZ Founding Fighters may promote their CSZ Discord channel memberships as perks. See example.

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