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WBC & VIVE TV need your help to bring more (free) live combat events to screens worldwide through WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE. Our mission is to connect combat fans with the stories behind and showcase rising athletes & promoters overlooked by major broadcasters.


/ kroud-fuhn-ding /


Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a specific cause or project by asking a large number of people to donate money, usually in small amounts, and usually during a relatively short period of time, such as a few months. Crowdfunding is done online, often with social networks, which make it easy for supporters to share a cause or project cause with their social networks.

Donation-based funding is where donors contribute to a total amount for a new project. Often promised return is the service that will be developed with the revenue brought in by the crowdfunding campaign, as well as some other perks (a.k.a. rewards) for the contributors.


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the Perks


Most frequent questions and answers

This ensures that 100% of your generous contribution is applied to the campaign fundraising goal. The fees cover standard credit & debit card processing fees, plus a small amount to the FundRazr platform.

We thank you in advance for your support!

The funds are deposited in to VIVE Network’s [ verified and long-established ] Stripe and/or PayPal accounts to pay for perks and the expenditures enumerated in the next question (see below).

Transparency in any fundraiser is important, so here are some of the ways that this campaign’s contributions will be allocated:

  • EQUIPMENT – A multi-camera fly kit for live event production that can be shipped from one venue to the next to maintain consistent quality and keep broadcast production costs down.
  • MUSIC RIGHTS – Who’s ever watched a boxing match on TV that didn’t have music during the walk-outs?
  • COMMENTATORS – Live events simulcast worldwide require commentary in various languages, and commentary can be done remotely.
  • TALENT TEAM – WBC LIVE Channel’s content contributors deserve remuneration for their time, expertise, and dedication.
  • CHANNEL MAINTENANCE – Running a channel 24/7 requires software, cloud storage, transcoders, graphics packages, scheduling, ingest, and so much more, not to mention personnel.
  • STREAMING COSTS – WBC LIVE Channel is freemium entertainment, but CDN usage is not free.
  • DEVELOPERS – VIVE TV’s current suite of native apps require a refresh/revamp to accommodate 4K HDR live events and WATCH PARTIES *.
  • NEW HIRES – WBC LIVE Channel is constantly improving for YOU, so here we GROW.

No, you are not obligated to claim a reward (a.k.a. perk) in which case the full one hundred percent (100%) of your contribution would be applied to the expenditures necessary to improve the channel, the apps, and the live event calendar.

However, we endeavoured to create a compelling and exclusive selection, and news perks may be added during the course of the campaign. Conversely, some perks may be retired to make room for new ones. 

Yes, although not all of the perks are available to ship internationally. Please choose carefully.

Five US dollars ($5.00) plus processing fees. This donation is exclusive of any rewards.

Although we think this is highly unlikely given the worldwide popularity of the sport and the modest goal amount, the good news is that the funds will be used for the necessary expenditures (ie. this is not an ‘all or nothing’ crowdfunding campaign, refunds will not be given, and perks will be fulfilled). 

This is a very realistic possibility which would be tremendous for the sports of boxing & Muay Thai. The campaign may even be extended in to 2023. WBC LIVE Channel will make every effort to broadcast as many live combat events as it is able to afford.

This may depend upon the perk you claim. Digital perks will be fulfilled more expeditiously. 

In other cases, manufacturing may be necessary, so the lead times may be affected by the number claimed and/or the decision may be taken to produce perks after the campaign concludes.

Whatever the timeframe may be in your case, periodic updates will be provided accordingly which will post to the campaign ‘Updates’ tab, as well as emailed to your address on record.