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Amazing MuayThai Festival

Thailand Cup
WBC MuayThai World Championship Showdown


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Thailand Cup + Championships – ALL ACCESS

Replays Available Through February 19, 2023

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Amazing MuayThai Festival

Thailand Cup + WBC World Championships Showdown
$ 19
Includes 16+ hours of HD competition combat
  • Thailand Cup Day 1: Feb 4, 9-16h UTC+7:00 | Feb 3-4, 23-6h UTC-3:00
  • WBC MuayThai World Championships Showdown: Feb 4, 18:30-21:30 UTC+7:00 | 8:30-11:30 UTC-3:00
  • Thailand Cup Day 2: Feb 5, 11-16h UTC+7:00 | Feb 5, 1-6h UTC-3:00

WBC MuayThai
Pro World Championship Showdown
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