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WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE offers a round-the-clock linear, lean-back entertainment experience in Full HD.


WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE is a unique, curated collection of niche programming, including combat news, analysis, commentary, interviews, library fights, and live events.


WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE is a freemium channel available worldwide without any licensing limitations.


WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE programming is predominantly English. Subtitles in Spanish, as well as other languages will be made available according to regions.

State of the Art

A team of some of the world’s best technology titans make up the sophisticated infrastructure behind WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE resulting in a robust, reliable multi-endpoint transmission.

Live Event Expertise

WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE routinely executes livestreams of combat sporting events and remote productions from all over the globe with proficiency and precision.

Exclusively on WBC LIVE Channel

Boxing Without Borders


FREE Fights from Everywhere for Every Fan

Boxing Analysis Content

Growth Strategy


WBC HQ collectively has in excess of 3MM followers between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. A daily dose of posts and stories about where to watch the channel and its forthcoming live events in followers’ feeds will both boost awareness and reinforce their perception of WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE as a bonafide boxing entertainment platform. 

World Boxing Council has a subset of regional offices each with its own social media strategy and reach who share an interest in proliferating the channel and helping it gain traction with fight fans worldwide.

The WBC LIVE Channel team of talent are keen to help spread the word about the channel and pledge to promote it on air, on social media, and during media appearances in perpetuity.

Each registrant provides his/her email address and agrees to the account creation Terms & Conditions consenting to communications concerning upcoming program and live event announcements. Site visitors and channel viewers are also given the choice to opt in to SMS marketing messages.

Promoters and athletes worldwide will also promote their respective events’ availability on WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE in their PR, social media, and digital properties.

Portions of live event undercards will be streamed live to WBC’s Facebook & YouTube pages to draw viewers to the apps in time for the main events.

The soon-to-be-announced community will be a virtual venue where fans and fighters will be able to convene and interact in real time. Fighters can promote upcoming live events, engage with fans through exclusive behind the scenes footage and one-on-one Q&A experiences to generate even more buzz and excitement  around their appearances on WBC LIVE Channel x VIVE.


WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE is deployed to various free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services’ lineups worldwide. The FAST market in the US alone is poised to reach 216 million monthly active users in 2023 ¹. Over half of CTV households now watch a FAST service on television ².

The five largest U.S. FAST services – including Pluto TV, Vizio Watch, Xumo, Samsung TV Plus, and Roku Channel – offered a total of in excess of 1,500 linear channels (potentially redundant) as of September 7, 2021 ³.

WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE will periodically announce sweepstakes and prize giveaways to solicit account registrations. Initially open to residents of the US and México, prize giveaways will require simple social sharing and friend referrals to boost reach and engagement.

The WBC LIVE Channel team of talent will make guest appearances on boxing- and sports-themed podcasts to publicize their respective programs, upcoming fights, and the channel itself. Monies will also be allocated to paid pre- and mid-roll audio and video spots.

VIVE has devised a specialized social sharing platform to manage sponsored campaigns syndicated by athletes, sports figures, and combat-themed accounts on Instagram, etc. with thousands or even millions of followers in certain cases. Naturally, there are abundant opportunities to commission shoutouts and IG stories on their respective feeds which will raise awareness, elicit account registrations, and increase live event and regularly scheduled program viewership.

Prime paid promotion placements shall include Roku ads, Spotify ads, Instagram sponsored ads (highlight clips), and YouTube ads all created with the intention of driving listeners and viewers to install the app and tune in to WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE.

This short-form, “snackable” series is conceived as a hook to get viewers to migrate from social media to WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE on its web app, mobile apps, TV apps, or FAST platforms (where applicable). The strategy is known as content marketing, and as a daily roundup of global boxing news produced in a polished, digest format unlike anything else on the market, Boxing Briefs will gain an audience of its own, reinforce the WBC LIVE Channel brand and its authority on the subject of professional boxing, as well as convince fans to convert to channel consumption outside of social media.  

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keeping it fresh


1. Live Events

WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE maintains a continuum of live professional and amateur boxing and Muay Thai events from all over the world, including USA, México, UK, Thailand, India, China, Philippines, Japan, Middle East, Africa, South Africa, Ukraine, and Russia.

2. Press Conferences & Weigh Ins

Pre- and post-fight coverage offers fight fans an extra experience around which to build excitement and give brands exposure.

3. Boxing Analysis

Veteran and aspiring boxing pundits alike are keen to be affiliated with WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE and have a vested interest in the overall appeal and quantity of its content.

4. Studio Productions

WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE has a production hub located in the United States, as well as a number of foreign offices in key markets able to report live remotely. Weekly and semi-weekly shows will be broadcast live, including The 12th Round featuring WBC President, Mauricio Sulaimán.

5. Branded Entertainment

Additional evergreen series can be created as advertainment on topics such as nutrition, boxing techniques, and fitness.


1 M

wbc.vivetv.network site visits in past 90 days

1 MM

Monthly Active Users on Roku, predominantly in USA

1 MM
Hisense + VIDDA

smart TV’s with BOLT+ TV pre-installed worldwide



Get media recognition with a joint press release and social media posts announcing your company’s sponsorship. All  pre-event social media posts include tagging and special thanks.

Sponsor brands will appear on step and repeat backdrops that will be heavily photographed and live streamed on WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE.

Event promo videos include sponsor logo appearances and are boosted on social media, as well as aired on WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE for weeks in advance of the live events.

Get maximum brand exposure during live broadcasts where everyone in the audience’s eyes can see:

  • Ring mat,
  • Ring skirt,
  • Turnbuckle corner wraps,
  • Ring posts,
  • Rope spacers, and
  • LED signage

Card girls’ uniforms and round cards can be customized with your logo.

Live event registrants receive confirmation and reminder emails including hyperlinked sponsor logos and slogans.

Sponsors receive logo and slogan appearances and VoiceOver mentions during live event opening and closing credits.

Pre-event and post-event video slates play in the event player before and after select live events that are paywalled rather than streamed within the channel. Sponsor spot ads or animations will loop on repeat.

VIVE Network can produce 15-, 30-, or 60-second spot ads to playout between bouts during the live stream and replays. Sponsors may use spots on other media platforms. Resolution shall be Ultra HD HDR for congruence with live event resolution and color space.

Display brand identity, messaging, and calls to action using squeezebacks, tickers, and QR codes, or even next to the round clock!

Commentary in different languages can be accommodated and delivered to relevant markets with on air mentions (and scripted copy). 

Keep your brand front and center the entire broadcast by hosting an unlimited number of 8-person experiential watch-alongs that will even feature sport celebrities with end-to-end latency below 400ms!

WBC Watch Parties

Get media recognition with a joint press release and social media posts announcing your company’s sponsorship of WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE. A one-time announcement will be made on World Boxing Council and VIVE TV Network’s respective LinkedIn business pages. Otherwise, monthly post counts will be 4-6 per platform (Twitter, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories). All social media posts include tagging and special thanks.

Web app landing page Special thanks will be given with a logo appearance and hyperlink on the web app.

WBC LIVE Channel shows will include periodic breaks featuring segment bumpers displaying sponsor messaging and logo with an optional professional VoiceOver (eg. This episode of The Boxing Authorities is brought to you by…”).

Display brand identity, messaging, and calls to action using squeezebacks shown during Fight Flashback replays and relevant spot ads.

Long-form programs on WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE may have opening and/or closing credits in which special thanks and attribution will be given to channel sponsors. Credits will survive the term of sponsorship.

VIVE Network can produce 15-, 30-, or 60-second spot ads to playout between show segments and programs throughout the day/night with equal distribution.

QR codes and text marketing messaging may be included with on-screen graphics upon request.

Proof of performance reports will be furnished.

Sponsors may use spots on other media platforms.

Your name will stand above all else becoming  part of the live content and is woven in to the fabric of the entire channel resulting in stronger top-of-mind awareness and major branding!

Sponsor Boxing Briefs brought to you by [your brand here], a daily dose of the buzz in boxing around the world disseminated across all WBC social media channels and on WBC LIVE Channel across the VIVE Network digital TV platform.

Implement your marketing objectives with (an) appearance/s by WBC President, Mauricio Sulaimán and a famous friend (or few) at your establishment or using your products.

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