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Why Join the WBC Live Consortium?

Sports fans around the world are verifiably eager to tune in to and even pay to watch more ultra high definition sporting events. Current conditions make this the prime time to deliver ‘regular season’ boxing matches to sports fans’ living rooms and give them the highest quality viewing experiences possible.

Picture a comprehensive, linear [live] professional boxing Channel – WBC LIVE housed within VIVE’s electronic program guide (EPG) on every connected device – that blends upcoming professional boxing match promotions, chat show-style commentary, global combat news, legacy footage, such as archive fights, and most importantly, live Pay Per View events from all around the globe.

WBC and promoters could collectively publicize a continuum of professional boxing bouts for the benefit of all parties concerned.

As per the adage “there is strength in numbers”, it is important for as many promoters to participate as possible for such a channel to gain traction with the public. The more promoters, the more the fights, the more the audience, the more everyone wins.