The Big Belt Challenge

We are committed to the welfare of the community through sports, which is why we carry out this great project called The Boxing Showcase, which aims to support the future promises of international boxing.

The Boxing Showcase along with The World Boxing Council (WBC) are proud the announce “The Big Belt Championship.” The Big Belt Championship is the first major professional tournament with this kind of format in the United States – one where we seek to be the new window to display and propel the talent of young boxers and consolidate them as rising stars in the process of becoming Champions!

We welcome you to join us for the second stage (2/7) of The Big Belt Challenge on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 8PM Central.

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The BIG BELT CHALLENGE Stage 2 Tickets (Boletos)

Tune in LIVE on Friday 10/1 for a great display of emerging professional boxing talent LIVE from Dallas, Texas. Times: 8PM EST | 7PM CST | 5PM PST.

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