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Get a WBC branded player on your web site(s) that plays a mixture of your contenting the linear WBC Channel (ie. void of ‘outside’ distractions / redirects).


Create [pre-recorded] content and schedule content 24/7. Combine WBC LIVE programs with your own.

Live Capability

Stream live from virtually anywhere simultaneously to social media sites (eg. sparring sessions, weigh-ins, Q&A sessions).


Make guest appearances on combat-themed programs to promote athletes and market upcoming Pay Per View fights.


Get a custom, high-resolution broadcast graphics package (logo reveal, bumpers, lower thirds, etc.), as well as royalty-free music for your channel.


Televise live Pay Per View events on big screens to a global fight fan base. Earn revenues on your own events, as well as on cross promotion.


What promoters get:




Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, there will be a monthly subscription fee dependent upon the frequency of each promoters’ respective events.

The answer to this question is two-fold:

(1) Promoters shall handle day-to-day social syndication live production matters. VIVE will gladly play an advisory role in this process.

(2) With respect to WBC LIVE Channel content and Pay-Per-View event production matters, VIVE Network will hire, manage, and pay for camera crew and commentators. Promoters will still need to organize and provide the venue, ring, announcer, lighting, etc., as well as handle any athlete-related matters.

No. Although the majority of WBC LIVE content will air in 4K, promoters’ personal channels will stream in a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p, as they are strictly web-based.

Noteworthy fact: Most social networks throttle live streams to 720p resolution and limit the timespan to 2-4 hours.

Either HD HDR or UHD HDR, depending upon the production. Spectators will enjoy the events in the highest resolution of which their device(s) is (are) capable.

VIVE negotiates revenue share agreements on pay per view, season pass, and subscription sales.

VIVE Network will work with promoters to determine price points for each event, season pass, or subscription on a case-by-case basis.

VIVE employs its proprietary payment gateway to sell and manage Pay Per View tickets, season passes, and subscriptions.

VIVE Network maintains sole rights to any productions, full-length or otherwise, it produces unless it is streaming on behalf of rights-holders by agreement.
Yes, regardless of whether a fight card includes (a) title fight(s). However, in the case of title fights, replays may be sold for pay-per-view price slightly lower than the live ticket prices, subject to agreement. Otherwise, promoters will have the ability to showcase non-title fights on their web channels relatively soon after the live PPV.

VIVE Network Made TV History
February 23, 2019
and Streamed the 1st LIVE 4K HDR Professional Boxing Event

in association with



Making the Case for Boxing

LIVE Pro Boxing is a Hit in the USA

In Spring 2017, the number of people in the U.S. who watched pro boxing amounted to 21.03 million within a period of 12 months. The number of people in the U.S. who watched pro boxing within a period of 12 months has consistently exceeded 20 million since Autumn 2011.
Avid Consumer Association vote, July 2018

Live Events in UHD: Most Coveted Ticket on TV

Live 4K events are all about an immersive viewing experience, and there’s nothing more immersive and compelling in Ultra HD than live sports.

Ultra HD viewers will be demanding to see compelling 4K content, especially live sports events on their brand new TV screens.

The success of live sports in Ultra HD is accelerating, so we [SES] have set up a dedicated SES Events channel as part of our Ultra HD platform, which offers the world’s largest channel lineup of linear 4K content, reception gear, and satellite distribution.
Steven Corda
VP Business Development at SES, August 1, 2018

The Era of Streaming Niche Sports Dawns

A new generation of niche sports is looking to streaming instead of big networks to find more exposure and new fans.

Besides the incumbent television companies, tech powerhouses like Amazon, Facebook and YouTube are experimenting with sports rights.

"It is the greatest time to be a sports fan in the history of the world," says Burke Magnus, the ESPN executive in charge of programming
New York Times
July 17, 2018

World's 1st Linear 4K HDR Network and Live Event Platform

VIVE Network aims to fill the UHD entertainment void by democratizing the production, distribution, and monetization of live UHD HDR content, such as niche sports with massive fan bases, thereby addressing the demand of multimillions of UHD viewers worldwide.

VIVE has developed a workflow that eliminates the need for satellite trucks, therefore allowing for small footprint at venues and backhauling to a central studio that packages and prepares streams for distribution in real time to all devices globally.

"We have built something groundbreaking and minimized the live UHD HDR TV learning curve. We are delighted to finally be in a position to invite third parties to join us in propelling the initiative to proliferate premium UHD HDR entertainment."
John Jacaman
VIVE Network Founder

UHD Initiative

We Make It Our Mission to Break the Rules of Traditional TV

VIVE Network’s Objectives

Given the number of UHD screens sold globally, there is a deficit of premium UHD HDR content which makes for a captive audience.

Lifestyle and sports entertainment is fragmented as it is, and consumers are cord-cutting in favor of à la carte choices. Aggregating the best collection of UHD entertainment is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

VIVE’s interest is propelling the initiative to proliferate premium UHD HDR entertainment, hence VIVE champions the notion of all for one and one for all. In the case of its ’open’ and accessible PaaS for content owners, it’s all about flexibility and scalability.

Steady supply of quality programming ensures regular consumption, so VIVE has devised a mechanism whereby to train and recruit aspiring film and television production professionals entirely within the realm of ultra-high definition.

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The UHD Opportunity

Major Milestone

Earlier this year the BBC received a total of 1.6 million requests for its 4K UHD test streams of World Cup and Wimbledon., July 24, 2018

There will be over 220 million homes worldwide with an Ultra HD television at the end of 2018, an increase of 50% in twelve months. That figure is expected to jump to 600 million led by North American household adoption of 71% by 2023.

–Strategy Analytics

The success of Ultra HDTV has been driven by technology adoption rather than content and services. 4K video and TV services are now becoming more widely available, meeting the expectations of 4K Ultra HDTV owners for the best quality TV experience.

– David Mercer, Strategy Analytics

This has been a great year for Ultra HD with audience demand reaching new heights thanks to the draw of exciting live events.

While 2018 was the year of the 4K ramp up, 2019 will be all about Ultra HD growth and expansion, as we continue to collaborate with networks and content producers to bring new and brand name channels, live events, and more Pay TV providers and viewers into the world of Ultra HD. Stay tuned!

Steven Corda

CTO at C-Band Alliance and VP MediaPlatforms at SES (VIVE satellite partner)

Let's Get Started


VIVE Network and its technology partners kicked off 2019 with a big bang – the premiere of the first-ever professional boxing lineup broadcast in 4K HDR on digital television available globally. Given the proliferation of UHD HDR capable devices worldwide, viewers are ‘armed’ and frankly ready to be captivated by entertainment worthy of their time and investment.

In light of the international social distancing climate, there’s no time like now to propel the WBC, the athletes, and the sport of boxing to new heights, and we look forward to the prospect of working with your promotions company to connect and engage with its target audience.

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