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Way to Engage Expand Monetize Your Fanbase

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Combat Sports Zone is for the fighters.
Unlike other league-controlled marketplaces, here YOU have the power.

On average, 76% of avid sports fans worldwide are open to learning more about NFTs, so there is an excellent opportunity for organizations in the sports industry to introduce blockchain-based assets to their consumers.

Nonfungible tokens are a great way to attract younger and more tech-savvy users [to the sports of boxing & Muay Thai] by adding modern ways for fans to interact with their favorite athletes while also creating additional revenue streams [for the athletes].

The focus should be on the engagement of the fans… since fans will be be more likely to introduce new users to the platform and will use it for their personal enjoyment instead of trying to make money by flipping tokens or digital assets they have bought.

…World class athletes are seeing the writing on the wall, they see all the attention that NFT is getting, they have millions of followers, and they want to bank on the opportunity by launching their own NFT collections.

Focus on usability and user experience. Your NFTs should not only be for the crypto natives. The point here is that it is important to offer NFT solutions with a great user experience.

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NFT Explained in 5 Minutes
This video is for the sake of clarification about tokens. To better understand the Combat Sports Zone scenario, replace ‘artist’ with ‘athlete’ and ‘artwork’ with ‘experience’.
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